About Labelspeed

Labelspeed is an expert when it comes to compatible labels for Dymo, Brother and Seiko and Zebra labelwriters. At Labelspeed you buy the Dymo compatible labels, of high quality and for the best prices. The reason why we are that beneficial? That is because our sharp procurement policy and direct imports from the factory!

Our Team


Timo strenghtens the Labelspeed team as a marketeer. He is for instance responsible for the optimalisation of the websites, supporting sales, helping the customer service and managing purchases and stock. He also works on the administration and helps with the logistics every now and then. Timo is very accurate and a real professional when it comes to marketing and communication.


At Labelspeed we attach a lot of value to our customers and for that reason we always try our best to keep our customers informed about all the developments and innovations within our organisation. I would like to introduce myself as the newest member of Labelspeed. My name is René van Lunenburg, your accountmanager. René is always accessible on this number: +31630553222. René is up to any challenge and will always come to a solution. Did you for example knew that our labels are up to 80% cheaper……


Thermal paper is frequently used in the retail trade. Our labels are used often in this industry. Thermal paper uses Bisphenol A (BPA) as a color developer. The new EU law ensures that for all the thermal paper, that will be sold after 2 January 2020, doesn’t contain any BPA, because that is forbidden. We are therefore very satisfied with this new law, for the reason that we want to be as sustainable as possible. We are at least BPA free for two years. BPA is issued in the environment over time and we want to contribute as little as possible to that pollution and that is why we have made the choice much earlier to start selling BPA-free labels. We like to pursue to be as green as we can. We help the milieu by separating al their waste. We are doing this as a result of which the waste can be processed better and thus the recycle substances can be reused more easily. Also, we have more than 170 solar panels on the roof to generate renewable energy. Furthermore, we also send our packages in the most durable way, because the shipping of packages entails CO2 emissions. On this ground we chose PostNL as our shipper, due the fact that PostNL is one of the most sustainable shippers in the logistics and transport sector. In summary, all this helps us to be as durable as the greatest extent possible and in that is how we can help to get a cleaner environment.

BPA in detail
Bisphenol A is an organic synthetic compound that is used worldwide as a color developer in thermal paper and in the production of polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins. Furthermore, it is also used for the production of consumer products that differ from sports equipment to plastic bottles. Recent concerns about the safety of BPA have led to a reduction in its use. The newest is the EU claim 2016/2235, which diversifies the list of restricted substances from REACH (Registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemical substances). This means that as a result of this legislative amendment, thermal paper with a BPA concentration of more than 0.02% will be banned in Europe after 2 January 2020. 

The color developer is often around 1-1.5% of the paper weight. A maximum BPA level signifies that it can no longer be appended intentionally during manufacture. Trace amounts of BPA (less than 0.02%) that fall as a transfer of remains from different phases of self-adhesive label production are acceptable.