Warranty and service

Do you have any questions about a product, order, or do you really want to know which coffee fits you the best? Please contact us, using the contact form or by phone on +31(0)23039390. Our staff members would like to help you with all your questions or problems.

Warranty and defects

You can always contact us when your product breaks down within the guarantee period. Attention: Warranty is not for defect products as a result of crashes, punches or waterdamage. Excluded from guarantee is for example:

  • Damage as a result of uncareful use.
  • Waterdamage
  • Damage as a result of crashes or punches

All visible prices on our website are exclusive VAT.

Handling complaints

We will always try our best to keep our customers happy. Are you unexpectedly not happy with our service or with the product? We would like to solve your problem! In that case please contact us via *protected email*. Explain your complaint and we will send you a message back within 24 hours. Most of the time the problem is solved directly. If not, we would like to find a solution with you.